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  • 上海市普陀區綏德路613弄11號

  • boqiang@bqaz.com





Founded in 1997, Shanghai Boqiang Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic private-owned heavy industry enterprise (design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance). As a project contractor in the energy industry, we are committed to bringing green energy to every person, home, and organization to build a low-carbon and environmental-friendly green world. We have approximately 300 employees and have operations in many countries and regions, serving the global energy industry.

We headquarter in Shanghai and have set up production bases in Jiangsu, Indonesia and other places. We have established a scientific research team, introduced and independently manufactured high-end special equipment, including ships, floating cranes, piling hammers, etc., actively been engaging in the construction of wind power and other energy projects, and have maintained long-term cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies to provide professional energy construction and service for the whole society.

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